[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]AFGlobal Corporation designs and manufactures various products for various industries in the United States and internationally. It offers custom backyard systems, well completion equipment, riser systems and buoyancy, subsea systems and insulation products, pressure control equipment, pressure vessels, drilling rig substructure and drilling mast designs, and other oil and gas related products and fully integrated systems to the oil and gas industry, including the onshore, offshore, subsea, well completion, and refinery/petrochemical sectors. The company also provides power unit components/systems, precision machined parts, aero engine components/systems, fuel delivery components/systems, nacelle rings, landing gears, and repair and overhaul services to commercial and military aerospace, and space exploration. The company was founded in 1985 and is based in Houston, Texas with manufacturing plants in Avon, Massachusetts; Biddeford, Maine; Calgary and Welland, Canada; Greenville, South Carolina; Liverpool, United Kingdom; Macae, Brazil; Santa Ana, California; and Shunde, China.

Taper-Lok Corporation designs and manufactures pressure-energized connectors for bolted flange connection applications in the United States. It provides weld neck assemblies, blind closure assemblies, double male adapters, long weld neck assemblies, skillet blinds, swivel flange assemblies, misalignment flange assemblies, combined misalignment and swivel assemblies, clamp connectors, three-bolt quick assembly swivels, and heat exchanger closures. The company serves its clients in oil and gas, power generation, heat exchangers, lethal fluid, petrochemical, compressors, separators, pulp and paper, food and beverage, shipyard, submarine and ship building, and air/water/steam/fuel services industries.Taper-Lok Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Ameri-Forge Group, Inc

Cuming Corporation manufactures and supplies flotation and insulation products for oil and gas, marine, industrial, and aerospace industries worldwide. The company offers standard density, low density, and ultra low density syntactic foam products for applications in riser modules, fairings and other riser drag reduction devices, lanyard buoys, acoustic array buoys, anchor pendant buoys, annular buoys and subsea arch buoys, mooring buoys, ROV floats, and special purpose floats and buoys sleds. It also provides precast blocks, panels, shapes, and sleeves of syntactic foam for bonding, bolting, and strapping directly to the equipment; and pour-in-place syntactic materials, pack-in-place syntactic foam insulation materials, flowlines, steel catenary risers (SCRs), vertical risers, hybrid risers, field joints, jumpers, and subsea equipment. In addition, the company offers precision strength crushable syntactic foam products to protect well casing against APB by collapsing under specific conditions of heat and pressure; epoxy-based insulation products in various forms, such as pack in place, flat and curved panels, collars and tapes; and precision strength crushable foam products for protecting hot and deep well casings. Further, it provides vacuum-cast modules for insulating flowlines, SCRs, vertical risers, hybrid risers, field joints, jumpers, and subsea equipment; syntactic foam buoyancy products for riser modules, buoys, and other large flotation devices; and subsea insulation products for flowlines, risers, jumpers, and wellhead equipment.  Cuming Corporation operates as a subsidiary of AFGlobal Corporation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_tta_tabs][vc_tta_section title=”Company Info” tab_id=”1485966886423-b3803678-c7ec5ac5-4518fd03-b29a”][vc_column_text]



945 Bunker Hill Rd Suite 500
Houston, TX 77024
United States





Industrial Machinery


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Chapter Type Case Number Assets Liabilities Industry/Description
11 17-32682 $10-50 Million $100 – 500 Million Industrial Machinery
Portfolio Valuation Range Asset Valuation Range Total Assets Valuation Range Liability Range Leverage Ratio Range
 $1,450,000.00 – $7,750,000.00  $5,000,000.00 – $50,000,000.00  $6,450,000.00 – $57,750,000.00  $10,000,000.00 – $125,000,000.00  0.0516 – 5.775

Patent Portfolio

82 Total Assets

  • 15 U.S. Patents
  • 9 U.S. Applications
  • 15 European Patents

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1. US 6058979

Title: Subsea pipeline insulation

Abstract: A deep sea insulated pipeline comprises an inner pipe which is encased lengthwise by an insulating core. The insulating core comprises macrospheres surrounded by syntactic foam that includes a semi-rigid resin binder and microspheres. The semi-rigid resin binder reinforces the macrospheres to provide sufficient strength to withstand the hydrostatic pressure at depths in excess of several thousand feet of water, and is yet flexible enough to accommodate bending associated with deep sea pipe laying operations. The deep sea insulated pipeline may also include a protective outer casing. The inner pipe extends through and cooperates with the outer casing to define an annulus chamber containing the insulating core. The outer casing may be a plastic pipe. In a preferred embodiment the semi-rigid resin binder includes Bisphenol-A epoxy resin, an anhydride curing agent, and a flexibilizer.

First Claim:

An insulated pipeline, comprising:

an inner pipe; and

an insulating core that encases lengthwise said inner pipe and comprises macrospheres surrounded by syntactic foam that includes a semi-rigid resin binder and microspheres, wherein said semi-rigid resin binder reinforces said macrospheres to provide sufficient strength to withstand the hydrostatic pressure at depths in excess of several thousand feet of water, and is yet sufficiently flexible to accommodate bending associated with deep sea pipe laying operations.

2. US 6827110

Title: Subsea insulated pipeline with pre-cured syntactic elements and methods of manufacture

Abstract: An insulated pipeline comprises an inner pipe, and an outer poly sleeve co-axial with the inner pipe. The inner pipe and the outer poly sleeve are in spaced relationship to define an annulus. An insulating core within the annulus encases lengthwise the inner pipe, and comprises a plurality of pre-cured syntactic elements. A first binder fills interstices in the annulus. The pre-cured syntactic elements include microspheres and a second binder. Each of the pre-cured syntactic elements may also include macrospheres. The pre-cured syntactic elements preferably extruded and cylindrically shaped. In addition, in one embodiment, the second binder is preferably more rigid than the first binder.

First Claim:

An insulated length of pipe, comprising:

an inner pipe;

an outer poly sleeve co-axial with said inner pipe;

means for spacing said inner pipe and said outer poly sleeve to define an annulus;

an insulating core within said annulus that encases lengthwise said inner pipe and comprises a plurality of pre-cured syntactic elements; and
a first binder that fills interstices in said annulus.

3. US 7628665

Title: Drilling riser buoyancy modules

Abstract: Buoyancy modules for subsea riser pipes are made of syntactic foam solid cores covered with tough high density polyethylene shells. Inner surfaces have partial semi-cylindrical surfaces to fit the riser pipes. Internal radial grooves hold flexible contact pads. Recesses in the inner surfaces hold auxiliary lines. Flat surfaces between the inner and outer semi-cylindrical surfaces have complementary longitudinally extending semi-cylindrical grooves to position choke and kill lines. Grooves in the outer semi-cylindrical surfaces hold composite fiber tensioning straps directly outward from the flexible contact pads. Flat areas of the grooves hold tensioning hardware. Tensioning the straps grips the riser pipe with the pads and grips the choke and kill lines in the semi-circular grooves. Cavities in the ends allow the buoyancy module halves to be assembled on the riser pipe around clamps which hold the accompanying lines.

First Claim: 

Drilling riser buoyancy module apparatus comprising:

two opposite halves having complementary axially extending openings for receiving and holding auxiliary lines, each half having a generally semi-cylindrical syntactic foam solid core, the syntactic foam core having an axially extended semi-cylindrical outer surface, an axially extended curved partially semi-cylindrical inner surface and radially opposite and radially and axially extending generally flat faces between the outer and inner surfaces, the axially and radially extending faces having semi-circular depressions for receiving and holding a choke line and a kill line in the depressions, the inner surfaces being configured to flexible drilling riser pipe circumferential requirements, longitudinally extended outward recesses in the curved inner surface to receive auxiliary lines, spaced semi-cylindrical recesses in the curved inner semi-cylindrical surfaces for holding flexible contact pads, flexible contact pads positioned in the spaced inner semi-cylindrical recesses and extending inward therefrom for contacting the drilling riser, outer semi-cylindrical grooves located outward from the inner semi-cylindrical recesses for holding tensioning straps cooperating with the contact pads to compress the contact pads on the drilling riser, a tough high density polyethylene outer shell coating fastened to the outer surface and the outer grooves of the syntactic foam solid core, composite fiber tensioning straps positioned in the outer grooves, tensioning hardware at ends of the composite fiber tensioning straps for tightly tensioning the straps.

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