OUR Services

IPVal provides full service IP advisory for the C-suite. We provide client-specific IP analysis through proprietary research that includes detailing the competitive landscape surrounding our client’s IP. Our research addresses the specifications of competing products from the perspective of our client’s IP. IPVal identifies where the market has been, where the market currently is, and where the market is going in order to maximize the value of our clients IP.

We offer our clients the following Strategic IP Consulting Services:

  • IP Audits
  • Litigation Landscape Reports
  • Vendor Management
  • Strategic Advice
  • Ad-Hoc Services including all other IPVal services as well as risk mitigation tactics such as patent insurance

IPVal specializes in IP portfolio management: we have a track record of identifying valuable IP assets and then developing a strategy to maximize asset-driven revenues while also reducing overall program costs.  As IP law continues to develop, IP owners may be wasting valuable revenue in continually paying for maintenance fees and further prosecution on assets that may not be enforceable—IPVal can help IP owners identifying these issues and address them effectively.

We offer our clients the following Management Services:

    • Maintenance Fee Management
    • Strategic Prosecution Management
    • Validity Search and Reports
    • Landscape Analysis
    • Portfolio Docketing

IPVal is in the market for promising intellectual property. We understand that the costs of obtaining and maintaining patents can be burdensome for individual inventors and even small companies. To alleviate this stress, we can offer upfront cash or hybrid financing models for IP holders.

If a client wishes to sell the portfolio IPVal has the resources to purchase or syndicate patent purchases.

  • Cash Purchases
  • Royalty Purchases
  • Hybrid Purchases

In addition to its own funds, IP Valuation Partners has access to private equity funds to support its investment in its clients’ intellectual property monetization. Patent monetization and optimization is expensive. Expenses include litigation costs, counsel fees, expert and consultant fees, electronic discovery costs, patent prosecution fees, patent defense costs, and the administrative costs of patent ownership (maintenance fees, annuities, etc.). By using our financing services, our clients are relieved from the burden of finding and risking capital on IP monetization efforts that they may not be equipped to handle by themselves.

IPVal will invest directly or provide capital introductions to companies with strong IP portfolios, investment structures are flexible.

  • Patent backed debt for non-dilutive corporate growth
  • Equity financing
  • Licensing financing
  • Litigation financing

IP Valuation Partners offers product acquisition, teardown and analysis services to our clients and partners. Many patent claims require detailed analysis in order to determine their applicability to devices and methods in the market place. IPVal leverages decades of engineering experience in fields as diverse as Electrical, Mechanical and Biomedical engineering. We work with industry professionals in order to produce detailed and effective determinations of the infringement landscape of our clients’ patent properties.

IPVal offers our clients a range of acquisition and analysis resources and services, including:

  • On-site product teardown
  • Subject matter expert services
  • Technology specific analysis teams
  • Product acquisition agents

IPVal reviews client IP portfolios in-house using specialized software coupled with detailed manual analysis.  This research includes identifying core technology patents with market or industry wide adoption.  The identified core patents are then analyzed for risk versus significant patent challenges.  Prior art searches, case law analysis, and USPTO guideline updates are considered. Finally, we generate a summary report to assess the risk and viability of the assets. We may also use market analysis to calculate the valuation of assets for acquisition, licensing, or even abandonment.

We offer our clients Monetization Services Including:

  • IP Licensing
  • IP Sales
  • Litigation Management
  • Strategic Partnerships

Why Choose IPVAL?

Our team has decades of experience managing and monetizing IP and significant experience in engineering, research and development, and finance. We have worked with companies that range from single member LLCs to Fortune 500 members. Our expertise allows us to manage our clients’ IP with an informed perspective and personally oversee every step of the IP monetization process.