Certa Dose, Inc.

Michael Sheehan    |    7/12/2021    |  Bankruptcy 

Patent Backed Bankruptcy Report

Company Background:

Certa Dose, Inc. designs and develops syringes for eliminating pediatric medication dosing errors. It offers color coded syringes to determine the medicine doses for pediatrics. The company’s syringes are used by parents, nurses, doctors, and paramedics at various points of care, including pre-hospitals, hospitals, and homes. Certa Dose, Inc. was founded in 2013 and is based in Denver, Colorado with operations in Indianapolis, Indiana.






 2590 Welton Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80205


Medical Equipment

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10 Mil – 50 Mil

50 Mil – 100 Mil

Medical Equipment

Portfolio Valuation Range

Asset Valuation Range

Total Assets Valuation Range

Liability Range 

Leverage Ratio Range

$25,000 – $100,000

$5 Mil – $50 Mil

$5.025 Mil – $50.1 Mil

$25 Mil – $75 Mil

0.067 – 2.004

Patent Portfolio Breakdown

2 Active US Patents

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of the present disclosure disclose a system and method for delivering for
administering radiation to a patient. The method may include associating the
patient with one of a plurality of coded dosage zones wherein each of the
plurality of coded dosage zones corresponds to one or more values of a physical
characteristic. The method may further include correlating the one of the
plurality of coded dosage zones to a dose of radiation and then applying the
dose of radiation to the patient.

Claim 1: 

A method of administering radiation to a patient, the method comprising:

receiving, at a processor associated with a radiation device, information indicating that a patient is associated with a coded region included among a plurality of coded regions wherein each of the plurality of coded regions corresponds to one or more values of a physical characteristic wherein the processor determines a patient size;

receiving, at the processor, a radiation location for the patient;

determining, at the processor and based on the patient size, a safe range of radiation for the patient;

correlating, at the processor, the coded region and the radiation location with a dose of radiation; and
applying the dose of radiation to the patient at the radiation location.


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