[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Vector Launch, Inc. develops software designed satellites and launch vehicle that provides access to space for satellites. It serves micro and nano satellite developers and operators. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Tucson, Arizona. It has a vehicle and propulsion engineering plant, and marketing office in Long Beach, and San Jose, California.


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824 East 16th Street


AZ 85719

United States

United States




Space Launch Services

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Chapter Type Case Number Industry/Description
11 19-12670 Space Launch Services
Portfolio Valuation Range Asset Valuation Range Total Assets Valuation Range Liability Range Leverage Ratio Range
 $0.325 – 2.15M  $5-10M  $5.325 – 12.15M  $0.5 – 7.5M  0.71 – 3.43

Patent Portfolio

  • 30
    • 13 Active US Patents
    • 17 Active US Apps


[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Featured Assets” tab_id=”1485967825251-b275f45c-d8b55ac5-4518fd03-b29a”][vc_column_text]Vector Launch Portfolio Summary

  1. US9998207 B1

    Systems, methods, and software described herein provide enhancements for deploying communication networks in clusters of satellite devices. In one example, a first subset of satellite devices is configured to orbit in a first orbital layer, and a second subset of satellite devices is configured to orbit in a second orbital layer. A communication network is formed among the satellite devices and is configured to selectively exchange communications among the first orbital layer and the second orbital layer based at least in part on an operational status of the communication network.

  2. US10072612 B2

    Provided herein are various improvements to rocket engine components and rocket engine operational techniques. In one example, a rocket engine propellant injection apparatus is provided that includes a manifold formed into a single body by an additive manufacturing process and comprising a fuel cavity and an oxidizer cavity. The manifold also includes one or more propellant feed stubs, the one or more propellant feed stubs protruding from the manifold and formed into the single body of the manifold by the additive manufacturing process, with at least a first stub configured to carry fuel to the fuel cavity and at least a second stub configured to carry oxidizer to the oxidizer cavity. The manifold also includes a plurality of injection features formed by apertures in a face of the manifold, ones of the plurality of injection features configured to inject the fuel and the oxidizer for combustion.

  3. US9991951 B2

    Systems, methods, and software described herein provide enhancements for deploying applications in satellites. In one example, a satellite device includes a communication interface and a virtualized execution system. The virtualized execution system is configured to receive state information via the communication interface from at least a peer satellite device related to execution of one or more software payloads by the peer satellite device, and execute one or more virtual nodes based at least on the state information.

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