SSW Holding Company, Inc. manufactures steel and glass engineered component products and systems to the food preservation, cooking, and home comfort industries globally. The company provides refrigerator and freezer shelving, commercial refrigerator shelving, oven racks, self-clean porcelain oven racks, discharge grills, desk and office organizers, engineered concrete castings, wire racks, and baskets. It also offers antimicrobial, spill smart hydrophobic, wire, and metal shelving; oven and burner grates; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) inlet and discharge grills; motor mounts; suspension rods; extending oven rack assemblies; can and wine racks; wire forms; fan guards; assemblies; ice augers; counterweight components; and reinforcement mesh. In addition, the company offers engineering assistance, fabrication, and finishing services. The company offers its products for residential and commercial refrigeration, cooking, laundry, HVAC, precast counterweights, reinforcement mesh, store fixture and retail display, and home and office organization markets. SSW Holding Company, Inc. was founded in 1901 and is based in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The company has sales and marketing offices in Elizabethtown, Kentucky; and Queretaro, Mexico. It also has procurement offices in Dallas, Texas; and Guangzhou, China. In addition, the company has manufacturing facilities in Elizabethtown, Kentucky; Madison, Henderson, and Newport, Tennessee; Monterrey and Irapuato, Mexico; Clinton, Iowa; Cleveland, Ohio; Ft. Smith, Arizona; and Ludington, Michigan. Further, it has product design, engineering, and product optimization centers in Ludington, Michigan; and Cleveland, Ohio.


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1101 W Park Rd


KY  42701

United States




Industrial Manufacturing and Services

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Chapter Type Case Number Industry/Description
11 20-20233 Industrial Services
Portfolio Valuation Range Asset Valuation Range Total Assets Valuation Range Liability Range Leverage Ratio Range
 $0.375 – 1.5M  $1-10M  $1.375 – 11.5M  $0.2 – 1.5M  6.875 -7.67

Patent Portfolio

  • 22 Total Assets
    • 15 Active US Patents
    • 7 Foreign Counterparts


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  1. US8646444 B2

    A rack for an appliance includes a main section having a support frame, and an arm coupled to the support frame and movable relative to the support frame between a first position and a second position. In one example, the arm is movable towards the first position and is configured for engagement with a stop portion of an appliance cavity for inhibiting removal of the main section therefrom. In another example, the appliance cavity includes at least one stop portion, and the arm is movable towards engagement with the stop portion for inhibiting removal of the main section from the appliance cavity.

  2. US9074778 B2

    A pattern of high temperature hydrophobic surfaces for use with cooking and baking appliances, such as kitchen cooktops, stoves and oven interior walls. The pattern of hydrophobic surfaces confines overflowed liquids to the enclosed non-hydrophobic surface areas and away from protected areas, such as around burner control knobs, burner surfaces, cal rods, fan and vent openings, countertops, and the like. The hydrophobic materials used are able to withstand and effectively repel liquids at high operating temperatures.

  3. US8944621 B2

    A shelving assembly (500) includes a pair of sheet metal sidearms (506) having ladder connectors (508) releasably coupled to cantilever ladders (504). An LED strip (520) having spaced apart LEDs is positioned immediately behind a refrigerator shelf (516). A rear form (522) is used for securing the LED strip (520) to a refrigerator shelf (516). The LED strip (520) is powered through electrical contact modules (524) which conductively connect to low voltage power strips (534).

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