IP Portfolio Management

IPVal specializes in IP portfolio management: we have a track record of identifying valuable IP assets and then developing a strategy to maximize asset-driven revenues while also reducing overall program costs.  As IP law continues to develop, IP owners may be wasting valuable revenue in continually paying for maintenance fees and further prosecution on assets that may not be enforceable—IPVal can help IP owners identifying these issues and address them effectively.

Why Choose IPVal?

Our team has decades of experience managing and monetizing IP and significant experience in engineering, research and development, and finance. We have worked with companies that range from single member LLCs to Fortune 500 members. Our expertise allows us to manage our clients’ IP with an informed perspective and personally oversee every step of the IP monetization process.

Portfolio Management Solutions

We offer our clients the following Management Services:

  • Strategic Prosecution Management
  • Maintenance Fee Management
  • Validity Search and Reports
  • Landscape Analysis
  • Portfolio Docketing

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