IP Financing

In addition to its own funds, IP Valuation Partners has access to private equity funds to support its investment in its clients’ intellectual property monetization. Patent monetization and optimization is expensive. Expenses include litigation costs, counsel fees, expert and consultant fees, electronic discovery costs, patent prosecution fees, patent defense costs, and the administrative costs of patent ownership (maintenance fees, annuities, etc.). By using our financing services, our clients are relieved from the burden of finding and risking capital on IP monetization efforts that they may not be equipped to handle by themselves.

Why Choose IPVal?

Our team has decades of experience managing and monetizing IP and significant experience in engineering, research and development, and finance. We have worked with companies that range from single member LLCs to Fortune 500 members. Our expertise allows us to manage our clients’ IP with an informed perspective and personally oversee every step of the IP monetization process.

IP Financing Solutions

IPVal will invest directly or provide capital introductions to companies with strong IP portfolios, investment structures are flexible.

  • Patent backed debt for non-dilutive corporate growth
  • Equity financing
  • Licensing financing
  • Litigation financing

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