IP Strategy Consulting

IPVal provides full service IP advisory for the C-suite. We provide client-specific IP analysis through proprietary research that includes detailing the competitive landscape surrounding our client’s IP. Our research addresses the specifications of competing products from the perspective of our client’s IP. IPVal identifies where the market has been, where the market currently is, and where the market is going in order to maximize the value of our clients IP.

Why Choose IPVal?

Our team has decades of experience managing and monetizing IP and significant experience in engineering, research and development, and finance. We have worked with companies that range from single member LLCs to Fortune 500 members. Our expertise allows us to manage our clients’ IP with an informed perspective and personally oversee every step of the development and realization of the effect of IP.  From interviewing inventors to filing for patents we have done it.  We have worked to build patent infringement cases and supported them through trial.  But most importantly, we have licensed thousands of patents so that IP owners can realize the value of their IP.

C-Suite Advice

We offer our clients the following Strategic IP Consulting Services:

  • IP Audits
  • Litigation Landscape Reports
  • Vendor Management
  • Strategic Advice
  • Ad-Hoc Services including all other IPVal services as well as risk mitigation tactics such as patent insurance

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