IP Advisory Services

Licensing and Monetization

Most IP goes unused or unenforced, yet it represents a potential revenue stream that can boost all areas of your business.

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IP Portfolio Management

Intellectual Property is a sub-speciality of the law with many intricacies, IPVal can de-mystify the process and save you money while increasing value

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CIP Advisory Services

IP Portfolios come with a number of challenges, many of which require executive guidance. IPVal can provide that guidance at a fraction of the cost.

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IP Acquisitions

IPVal is in the market for valuable Intellectual Property.

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IP Financing

IP generation and monetization can be expensive. IPVal has a team of experts ready to invest in your IP.

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Product Acquisition and Analysis

Product Acquisition and Analysis can be a vital part of a monetization campaign, let IPVal leverage our powerful network to drive value to your portfolio

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