Sungevity Inc.

Sungevity, Inc. sells and installs solar panels and solar power systems for residential markets and businesses globally. It has a strategic partnership with Viridian Energy. The company was incorporated in 2006 and is based in Oakland, California. It has locations in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Vermont.


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Solar Power Systems


Chapter Type Case Number Assets Liabilities Industry/Description
11 17-10561 $100 -500 Million $100 -500 Million Solar Power Systems
Portfolio Valuation Range Asset Valuation Range Total Assets Valuation Range Liability Range Leverage Ratio Range
 $1 – $10 Million  $100 – $150 Million  $51 – $160 Million $20 – $125 Million  0.408 – 8

Patent Portfolio

31 Patent Assets

  • 6 European Patents
  • 4 U.S. Patents
  • 3 Chinese Patents
  1. US8417061

Title: Methods and systems for provisioning energy systems

Abstract: The invention provides consumers, private enterprises, government agencies, contractors and third party vendors with tools and resources for gathering site specific information related to purchase and installation of energy systems. A system according to one embodiment of the invention remotely determines the measurements of a roof. An exemplary system comprises a computer including an input means, a display means and a working memory. An aerial image file database contains a plurality of aerial images of roofs of buildings in a selected region. A roof estimating software program receives location information of a building in the selected region and then presents the aerial image files showing roof sections of building located at the location information. Some embodiments of the system include a sizing tool for determining the size, geometry, and pitch of the roof sections of a building being displayed.

First Claim:

A computing system for generating a roof estimate report, the computing system comprising:

a memory;

a roof estimation module that is stored on the memory and that is configured, when executed, to:

receive a first and a second aerial image of a building having a roof, each of the aerial images providing a different view of the roof of the building;

correlate the first aerial image with the second aerial image;

generate, based at least in part on the correlation between the first and second aerial images, a three-dimensional model of the roof that includes a plurality of planar roof sections that each have a corresponding slope, area, and edges; and

generate and transmit a roof estimate report that includes one or more top plan views of the three-dimensional model annotated with numerical values that indicate the corresponding slope, area, and length of edges of at least some of the plurality of planar roof sections.

  1. US9279602

Title: System and method for provisioning energy systems

Abstract: The invention provides systems and methods for provisioning a site with an energy system such as a solar energy system. A system according to an embodiment of the invention comprises a user interface module providing a graphical user interface for receiving information from a user, for example a potential purchaser. The information includes location information for the site to be provisioned. An image retrieval module is coupled to the user interface module and to a source of geographical information. The image retrieval module retrieves at least one image of the site corresponding to the location provided by the user. A sizing module is configured to enable a user to measure an installation surface represented in the image. Energy system components are selected based on the measurements.

First Claim:

A system for measuring a real world structure to be provisioned with solar panels using images including the real world structure, the system comprising:

a display unit configured to display a first image and a second image including the real world structure;

metadata for the first image representing a scale of the first image with respect to the real world;

a displayable, user-adjustable measuring tool capable of providing measurements adequate for installing a solar panel, the measuring tool calibrated in accordance with the scale such that user adjustment of the measuring tool with respect to the displayed first and second images of the real world structure provides a measurement of the real world structure, wherein the user adjustment of the measuring tool includes at least one of positioning, rotating, and scaling the measuring tool to match at least a portion of the real world structure in both the displayed first and second images when the adjusted measuring tool is superimposed over the real world structure in the displayed first and second images, wherein the second image is of a different direction than the first image.

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